Best YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer

By | March 22, 2015

great YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer online

Youtube is a boon for every audacious information seeker. Apart from songs and entertainment videos, Youtube always has a video or two providing you the solution to almost every day-to-day practical problem. Be it science, politics, law if you have the will to learn you will find hundreds of videos that will help you out visually learning any topic you want. And if you want to learn the most beautiful thing in this world, undoubtedly soccer, then you will find hundreds of channels instead. Below we list out 10 of the best YouTube channels for learning soccer effectively. Make sure to subscribe them if you like them.

List of Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer Effectively

1. Progressive Soccer training

soccer training youtube channels

This channel belongs to Canadian professional soccer player and coach Dylan Tooby who has become a very popular online figure for teaching soccer.

Progressive soccer training has soccer videos in which Dylan Tooby personally emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude while learning soccer. Every video uploaded on this channel features Dylan Tooby himself explaining out the purpose of the video and teaching the soccer skill or technique associated with the video.

What makes this channel a quality resource for learning soccer is the fact that this channel has a wide range of soccer videos including videos which teach warm-up, specific soccer techniques, specific soccer skills, drills that are targeted towards improving a soccer players certain attributes, tips for different positions on soccer and many other topics. This channel also has videos that are targeted to analyze and teach the techniques of the greatest players of the game like Ronaldo’s free-kicks, Messi’s dribbling and the confidence, vision and composure of Pirlo.

Dylan Tooby has also emphasized the importance of psychological training by uploading numerous videos which work on raising confidence and attitude of soccer players. This channel also has several videos which explain the importance of tactics on the field and videos which try to teach the principles of tiki-taka style of play used by Barcelona.

To summarize, this channel is a highly versatile channel covering videos on almost all aspects of soccer training from individual technique to team tactics, from drills for warm-up to motivational videos for psychological preparation and from teaching soccer skills and tricks to analyzing the things that make the stars of today stand apart from other soccer players.

Dylan Tooby also runs another soccer channel called ‘the Soccer essentials’ but this channel ‘Progressive Soccer Training’ is more versatile as compared to it. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning soccer today.

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2. Online Soccer academy

best online youtube soccer channel

This channel is another great resource for learning soccer on YouTube for free. The theme color of orange makes this channel a visually appealing one and the trainer Jerry is evidently a cheerful personality. Jerry is a professional soccer player and coach and it is through this channel on Youtube that Jerry shares his soccer experience and knowledge to eager learners worldwide. Jerry channel comes with a tagline “Believe in it” and at the end of every video Jerry makes sure to motivate the viewers by saying “If you believe in it and back it up with hard work, then anything in life is possible”.

Online soccer academy is quite an entertaining channel for teaching several soccer techniques and skills. It features a new video every Monday and it is open to its viewers to provide suggestions for topics they want to learn in the next video.

The distinguishing feature of this channel is the fact that it has its videos made keeping its target audience in mind. For example, it has videos for beginner soccer skills and tricks targeted specifically for amateur soccer learning audience along with advanced soccer skills and tricks for the advanced audience.

There are several videos which teach the basics of juggling a soccer ball and in each video Jerry explains in detail what can possibly go wrong while a soccer player is trying to learn a particular soccer technique or skill. For teaching certain areas of technique, Jerry gives advices and tips using his experience of the game and also explains where on the field a particular skill or technique can be used. Another feature of this channel’s videos is the fact that at the end of every video, Jerry delivers a ‘Bonus Tip’ which can further enhance the technique of the viewer by letting him/her know how to perfectly execute a trick.

Besides videos focusing on soccer technique, there are videos which focus on mental training and preparation and off the field tips like tips on what to do after a soccer game. It could be the best YouTube channel for learning soccer.

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3. Freekickerz

best youtube channel for learning soccer

As the name suggests, this channel is run by a group of passionate free kick takers. This undoubtedly is one of the coolest and the best YouTube channels for learning soccer with a vast number of subscribers.

Some videos might not be in English but they do come with subtitles. This channel is only focused on free kicks and teaching free kicks. The way the professionals take the free kicks is really a sight that can leave anyone awestruck.

The trainers on this channel execute some really insane freekicks and also teach how to perform them. But they also emphasize that freekick mastering is an art and it can be learnt over time and with tremendous practice. The videos on this channel use graphics to perfectly showcase on what point of the ball and with which portion of the ankle the ball is meant to be hit in order to hit a particular type of freekick.

The trainers on this channel also try to analyze and emulate the freekick taking technique of the freekick specialists like Ronaldo and Beckham. They easily replicate the freekicks of these stars and also give training and tips on performing the same.

Apart from training videos, the channel also features review videos of the most popular soccer shoes of Nike and Adidas by using them while taking freekicks and providing their expert opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of the boots. Similarly they provide reviews on the weight, flight and dip of popular soccer balls like Jabulani and Brazuca as well. And finally, they have their own compilations of crazy freekicks which follow some sick curves and insane dips in mid air to entertain the viewers of the channel.

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4. STR Skill School

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer

This channel is yet another popular channel and is a yet another cool soccer channel on youtube. This channel however isn’t much focused on teaching its viewers soccer technique like passing and shooting instead it is targeted to teach the viewers perform some crazy freestyle tricks. As the name suggests Skill school, this channel aims to make learning freestyle soccer simple for the viewers.

There are several videos which teach Neymar’s popular moves, Zidane’s turning technique and even the famous Cryuff turn. There is video which teaches George Best’s favorite move too. This channel as mentioned before is focused on skill, both off the field and on the field.

There are a bunch of entertaining videos featuring trick shots too. On Wayne Rooney’s 100th England cap he was invited by the channel to feature in its video and in that video Rooney has explained to its viewers the secret behind his success and has also given tips on how to play like him. The video also has a warm talking session with the England star in which he opens up his heart to speak about his most memorable goals. There is also a video of Everton star Leighton Baines explaining his free kick technique.

For the flashy players who like to seek attention on the soccer pitch by performing crazy moves and tricks this is an ideal channel which focuses only on skill and comes up with a new video every week teaching a brand new trick or move to perform in a match.

Besides the above, there are some insane videos frequently uploaded over this channel which show the freestyle champions of the world show off their skills in public to the tunes of music.

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5. NYRB Training Programs

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer 2015

This channel as the name suggests officially belongs to the popular US-based soccer club New York Red Bulls which plays in the MLS. This channel uploads videos coming straight from the training grounds of the Red Bulls Academy.

This channel focuses on working on the technique of the youth players and has videos teaching perfecting soccer skills involving turning, rolling, stepping over and mastering the control and touch of the ball.

There are also special sessions on warm-up and technical drills for goalkeepers.

Apart from physical exercises there are videos which focus on improving the mental aspects of playing the game too. There are some excellent videos which effectively demonstrate attacking in different formations like 4-4-2. To add to it all there is a separate category of videos on this channel called the skill of the week which gives a silent demonstration of performing a particular trick or move. A very professional channel to summarize and the fact that it comes straight from the training grounds of one of the biggest clubs in the world makes this channel worth a visit for any avid soccer learner.  Surely, it can be one of the best YouTube channels for learning soccer perfectly.

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 6. Keep it on the deck

great YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer online

This channel like every other channel above has videos focused on training soccer technique and warm-up but what distinguishes this channel? It’s simply passion. The videos on this channel have some inspiring and motivating speeches running at the background which are guaranteed to fire up any serious individual trying to master the game of soccer. The channel description itself speaks a lot about itself. This channel aims to take soccer training to a totally new level altogether by giving soccer training a philosophical touch and emphasizing that soccer is more than just a game but a way of life and only the ones who have a burning passion and true love for the game and the will to succeed are the ones that make a mark on this game forever.

The videos on this channel automatically work on the mental aspect of training through their highly motivating audios constantly running behind the videos demonstrating the different aspects of learning soccer.

One of the most exclusive features of this channel is that it has a few videos that feature a sneak peek of the actual training sessions which professional soccer players undergo. There is a training session picked up live from the academy of Manchester United and a training drill which features the entire first team of Bayern Munchen players training under Pep Guardiola himself!

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7. The Coaching Manual

popular YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer properly

This channel is for coaches and players alike. This channel is focused for the youth training and it contains some very professional and high quality drills focusing on possession, dribbling, passing, pressing and shooting for the kids of the age category U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14.

This channel consists of videos from the youth academy coaches from the English club Southampton. Targeted towards coaching of soccer for kids, this channel also produces videos for training young goalkeepers. Proper demonstration of the training drills is made along with diagrams and personal talks of the coaches explaining the benefits of every drill. This channel is also ideal for coaches as it makes them understand how to coach and deal with children and the way children look at soccer as a game.

Also there have been a spell of special video series which featured Wayne Rooney teaching the viewers how to shoot, take penalty kicks and hit volleys. Also Vincent Kompany featured in the video to give an insight on defending and why it is an art. He has shared his have also knowledge and tips on tackling, marking and clearing on headers too. Another stars like Oxlade- Chamberlain have also featured in a few of the videos to share their experience of top level soccer with the viewers.

This is an ideal channel for youth coaches. So, it is one of the  best YouTube channels for learning soccer in details.

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8. Soccer drills and Goalkeeping training

online soccer learning videos for free

This channel is exclusively for aspiring goalkeepers. Goalkeeping without doubt is one of the most important jobs in the modern game and most soccer training channels, books or sources overlook the importance of specific goalkeeping training. Many consider goalkeeping just a subset of the usual training. But this channel strongly proves that goalkeeping is a challenging role and it rightly deserves a separate domain of training and skill development. As the role of the goalkeeper involves different traits and qualities in relation to the outfield players, goalkeeper training too deserves a separate domain of training focus.

This channel has numerous drills for goalkeeper performance enhancement and technique improvisation. To top it all, this channel provides out-of-the-box user reviews for latest goalkeeper equipments in the market, typically gloves belonging to several renowned brands.

The channel is no doubt a must subscribe for any individual who is seriously considering the goalkeeping job worth pursuing in the future.

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9. World Class Coaching

top soccer channels on youtube

World Class coaching has been archiving and amassing a video library of soccer training drills since the year 1998. This channel makes this video library available to you on Youtube. It is considered one of the best YouTube channels for learning soccer.

This collection is updated every month with a new video featuring the latest and innovative drills to improve soccer conditioning and technique. This is an excellent resource for viewing the   training techniques of the last two decades too.

The videos of this channel are beneficial to both recreational coaches as well as for the ones coaching the game at the professional level.

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10. Epic soccer training

world class youtube channel for learning soccer

This is a yet another online resource for learning different skills and techniques. There has been a great focus on the different methods of kicking the ball and some very intriguing videos have been uploaded which demonstrate the scientific reasons for the induction of spin, curve and bend on the shot. The trainer has explained the reason of the spin of the ball in air in a very simple and effective way. Also this is the only soccer training channel which distinguishes a ‘bend’ from a ‘curve’ in terms of the motion of a shot in air.

The trainer is US based and often uses the term ‘soccer’ in contrast to ‘football’ in the other channels. The trainer has done a fairly good job of demonstrating the different techniques while teaching them to the viewers by breaking them down in a simple manner. Even the technique of teaching an effective throw-in has been covered.

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So dear reader, there’s an ocean of soccer knowledge awaiting you on Youtube. If you are passionate enough to make it happen in your life get started by following the above channels as each and everyone of them has countless soccer training videos and drills which when sincerely worked upon and understood can give you the edge over other players. The world class coaches and their practical soccer knowledge are just a few clicks away from you. If you have another channel in your mind, then feel free to share. We will be more than happy to add that channel.


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