Best Websites for Learning Soccer Properly

By | April 30, 2015

best websites for learning soccer properly

Are you a player without a coach? No worries, because nowadays the Internet is the best coach you can ever find. And by the time you have finished reading this page, you will surely believe that!

List of the Best Websites for Learning Soccer Properly

  1. Inside Soccer:

This site is probably the most abundant site when it comes to videos of soccer training. This site has an entire library of soccer videos ranging from simple techniques of passing to complex tactics of combination play.

The site comes with a search categorization filter, which further help in finding out videos as per the user’s requirement. Age specific videos can be searched and also videos on different principles of the game like heading, shooting, dribbling can be found out. Each video in turn comes with the professional guidance of renowned coaches.

This site also comes with session plans which can be useful for coaches to pan their sessions effectively.

Also there are skill challenges for the players. A parent’s section is also provided which has drills for parents to apply on their soccer ambitious kid and how to keep their children psychologically motivated for soccer.

If you sign up on this website, you will get several features like a personal locker, library and animations. Also many more skills and drills become available to the user.

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  1. UEFA Training Grounds:

This is undoubtedly the most professional soccer guidance any player can ever get over the internet. Coming straight from the training grounds of UEFA, this site enlightens aspiring soccer players with buckets of knowledge coming from the most experienced players playing in Europe including the likes of Pirlo, Darren Fletcher, Shaqiri and many more. There are individual drills and team tactical drills as well.

You are redirected to this site on the official UEFA website when you click the ‘training grounds’ section.

You will also find the stars of European soccer take up several challenges on the training ground.

A must visit for any serious football following player.

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  1. World Class Coaching:

Evidently, this is the oldest coaching resource having coaching videos up to 20 years old uploaded on their site.

Several World Class coaches have contributed their knowledge and experience on this site. They are also a popular youtube channel for learning soccer nicely

Along with online articles, this site personally has published several ebooks containing hundreds of drills based on attacking and defending with different numbers of players. Registering on this site also comes along with several benefits.

Basically designed for soccer coaches, it has an ocean of soccer training knowledge which can directly be used by any player on the training field. This site has experience of the top coaches in the industry written across each page on its website.

World Class coaching has been and continues to be one of the most reliable and proven site for soccer development.

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  1. Four-four-two performance:

There is no better way to learn soccer than from the ones actually playing it at the big level. This site is one of the few sites present over the internet that feature tips, drills, techniques and knowledge from the professionals playing in the top leagues in Europe.

There are some very tempting articles on this site including how to beat a wingback from Ashley Young and Marco Verrati on how to become a deep-lying playmaker.

The site like every other site provides categorization too and thus facilitates the user to search training tips for strikers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers as well.

The training articles can be filtered for search based on several enthralling categories like ‘Coerver coaching’, ‘Barcelona’, ‘Pro tips’ and many more.

The site also provides the users to sign up for their newsletter which comes with the invaluable knowledge straight to your inbox.

If you are an aspiring soccer player and have a keen eye for following European soccer, then this website will be nothing less than a very precious gift just a few clicks away from you.

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  1. SoccerMan:

This website is more for the players who admire skills over passing and other important match techniques. Nevertheless, skills are an important part of the game and they can make any player stand apart.

This site has an abundance of videos on one versus one moves. The signature move of Lionel Messi has been broken down into steps and demonstrated.

The website showcases tricks and skills to the users in three different categories: basic/beginner, advanced and favorites.

Also there is a fascinating tricks section which explains the users to perform different types of lifts with the ball and also how to spice up the juggling of the soccer ball with innovative moves.

This site is ideal for any player who aspires to mimic the greats like Ronaldinho, Maradona and Ronaldo on the field.

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  1. Online Soccer Academy:

This site has a popular channel running on YouTube too but the real essence of this site is felt once you visit it.

Coached by Jared Montz, this site is a very motivating soccer website consisting of numerous soccer drills for all kinds of players. They boast the tagline ‘Believe in it’ and this tagline echoes at the end of every videos you will find on this website.

This site has many useful videos based on match like scenarios like how to defend against fast strikers, how to perform a wall pass, how to think quicker on the soccer field and many more. Jared takes efforts to explain the basics of every drill and the simple tips that all must follow in executing the practice. Jared enlightens the viewers with his professional playing experience by providing them with a bonus tip at the end of every video.

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  1. Soccer Universe:

This is another site with vast information about the different domains of soccer development.
There is a section on skills which deal with explaining and improvising the basic skills of passing, dribbling, shooting, etc.

In the drills section there are several drills to use during team training. An explanation of all the positions of soccer and formations has also been provided.

The most popular strategies like tiki-taka have been lucidly explained. There is a separate conditioning section that provides several exercises and tips to improve fitness and stamina of soccer players. Information on weight training and nutrition has also been provided. Speed training, warm ups and injury prevention have also been covered.

The rules of the game have also been explained so that the players learn to play the game in a fair manner.

With quite a user friendly interface, this site is certainly a one-stop solution for all your soccer knowledge.

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  1. Soccer Training Methods:

This website is yet again a site that brings in front of you a number of kicking, passing, shooting techniques all lucidly explained breaking them down into steps and demonstration using videos.

Several passing techniques have been included like the push pass. Also information on where on the field to use this pass has been mentioned and several tips on the perfect execution of it are also stated.

It presents an abundant number of shooting techniques along with video demonstration too.

Plus, every article on the site is open for user feedback, comments and suggestions which make it a complete two sided learning process.

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  1. Skillz and Drillz:

Owned by the coach Tim Newsome, this site comes with a promise of making you the best player you can be. Born in 2011, this is a fairly young website.

The site is quite systematic towards player development and it provides the viewers to choose their level before proceeding to view the videos on the website. In the introduction video the coach himself addresses the viewer and explains that he wants this site to become the best online video resource for learning soccer.

The site is also quite a reachable resource being available on YouTube as a channel and also as an ios app.

Though a young site, the quality of the videos on this site and the quality of teaching of the coach himself are factors that both suggest a tremendous promise that the site is already on its way to become a top site for learning soccer soon.

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       10.  Soccer Training guide:

This site is one of the simplest, straight forward yet effective way of learning different aspects of soccer technique.

This site has taken care to cover all the aspects of soccer training like passing, shooting and dribbling.

This site is not sophisticated but has simple theoretical knowledge spread over several web pages. Though there is no visual learning over this website, the author has taken tremendous care to make sure that all the concepts related to soccer techniques are clearly explained to and understood by the user.

Also upon signing up on this site the user is provided with a free “soccer secrets report”.

This online resource is a very serious attempt to compile all the categories of soccer development like skills, strategy and conditioning into a compact and effective unit.

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The above websites illustrate how important internet is and such a boon it can be to any serious soccer learner. However, this knowledge is just theoretical, the benefits of this online knowledge cannot be reaped until that knowledge is practically applied on the training field.

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