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Top 10 Books for Learning Soccer Properly

Are you passionate for soccer? Is the beautiful game all that you can always think about? On the field or off it, you can’t get your mind off the game? All you ever want to do is to know more and more about the game you love. Well a book can be a handy friend in that case.… Read More »

Best Websites for Learning Soccer Properly

Are you a player without a coach? No worries, because nowadays the Internet is the best coach you can ever find. And by the time you have finished reading this page, you will surely believe that! List of the Best Websites for Learning Soccer Properly Inside Soccer: This site is probably the most abundant site when it comes… Read More »

How to Become A Professional Soccer Player

Soccer undoubtedly is the most popular game on this planet. Many kids idolized their heroes playing this game on the pitch and dream to play for their countries one day. The beauty of the game has made it highly omnipresent and thus competitive. For those who have dreamed to make a name for themselves in this game or… Read More »

Proper Weight for Men and Women Soccer Players

Weight is that physical trait about which most people nowadays are highly conscious. Soccer players are not an exception, especially the female soccer players. Implied as it is that a good weight is an advantage to a strength demanding game like soccer, many players are in a constant dilemma over their weight being suitable for the game of… Read More »

Nutrition Myths in the Game of Soccer: Misguided?

Nutrition is a very vital concept not just for soccer but for any athletic sport. This important parameter of player’s success is often overlooked or ignored. There have been several misconceptions since a long time regarding nutrition of soccer players. Here we try to put light on these misconceptions and understand the unsung importance of proper nutritional habits.… Read More »

Proper Nutrition Guideline for Soccer Players

The human body is the most complex chemistry laboratory. It constantly relies on intake of food and its chemical decomposition into nutrients which in turn provide energy to the various parts of the body. These nutrients are the basic elements of energy and almost all the foods that we consume ultimately are made up of a combination of… Read More »

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Soccer

Youtube is a boon for every audacious information seeker. Apart from songs and entertainment videos, Youtube always has a video or two providing you the solution to almost every day-to-day practical problem. Be it science, politics, law if you have the will to learn you will find hundreds of videos that will help you out visually learning any… Read More »