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soccer rebounder

If you want to sharpen your soccer skills, then you must need a soccer rebounder to get the most out of you. A good soccer rebounder can maximize your skills very fast. Not all rebounders are expensive; there are many cheap rebounders available on the market. In fact, you can buy a reliable rebounder even under 50 dollars. This article lists the highest quality rebounders available on the market today. We feature very good rebounders from Tekk, Franklin, Goalrilla, and other well-known companies. Read the reviews below and find the best soccer rebounder for you. All of them are very popular indeed.

Best Soccer Rebounders Price ($)
1. Tekk Trainer Rebounder  $$$
2. Franklin Soccer Rebounder 6×4  $$
3. Franklin Soccer Rebounder 12 x 6  $$
4. Goalrilla Rebound Trainer  $$$
5. Goalrilla Trainer for Multiple Sports    $$$
6. Kwik Rebounder 1  $$$
7. Kwik Rebounder 2  $$$
8. Practice Net & Rebounder  $$$
9. Zero Gravity Trainer: Soccer Rebounder and Juggler Trainer  $$$

Why You Need to Buy A Good Soccer Rebounder

A good rebounder is of great importance for soccer players. If your rebounder is not good, then it can hamper your skills. To get the most out of you, you must buy a good one. Both field players and goalkeepers can be benefited from it. The main benefits of using a good rebounder are given below.

For Field Players

  • Develop their passing, shooting, heading, volleys, etc. skills.
  • Maximizes ball striking and finishing skills.
  • Enable better ball control through thigh and chest.
  • Makes their feet more powerful.

For Goalkeepers

  • Maximizes throwing power with precision.
  • Makes Arms strong.
  • Improves diving and footwork.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Soccer Rebounder

There is some information you need to know. Usually, if you care only about the size and the shape, then it will work. Your money will be paid properly.

  • Size is of Great Importance: If you buy a small soccer rebounder, then your target becomes small as well, so you will need to focus more on accuracy, which helps in real soccer matches. On the other hand, big rebounders are also very good as they allow more players to practice, and you don’t have to run after the ball if you miss a target while practicing. So, finally it is up to you, but don’t buy anything too small. 6×4 feet soccer rebounders are very good for practicing. All products listed in this article have proper sizes.
  • Low Price Cannot Save Your Money: The price of a soccer rebounder tells a lot of things about its quality. Don’t end up buying a toy to save your money. Remember, a good product can be sold even after a few years while a low quality product gets damaged soon.
  • Thin Nets are Nasty: If it is very thin, then you should avoid it.
  • Bungees Can Be Good it Treated Well: Springs are the best option, but if bungees are used make sure the thickness is sufficient, and use a metal hook if needed.
  • Don’t Forget the Number of Angle: If the rebounder allows multiple angles, then it is a great soccer rebounder. If it allows only one angle, then it could limit your skill development.
  • Think About Portability: Portable soccer rebounders are smart. They are really easy-to-use. You can take them with you whenever you need, though it is not a mandatory feature of a top class product.
  • Focus on the Frame Construction: Plastic frame is a BIG NO as it could break easily or damage the ball or even could injure you. Also, very thin metal frames are not good as they might get damaged because of powerful shots. Usually, 1 inch thickness is good for the frame. Make sure it does not have any sharp edges or corners. Simply put, frame should be made of steel with proper thickness and weather coating.
  • Focus on the User Reviews: It is not all about the above factors. For example, it may be slower than your expectation as the net may not be of high-quality with sufficient tension. Moreover, it might not last long. So, what is the solution? One of the best ways to pick a good rebounder is to read the user reviews before you purchase one. If you are satisfied with the reviews, then go for it. All rebounders listed in this article have lots of positive reviews that can convince you.

Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews

There are numerous rebounders available on the market today, but we have included the best ones for you to save your time.


1. Tekk Soccer Rebounder 5×8 Feet

Tekk Rebounder Large    This is one of the best, if not the best soccer rebounder. It is huge, strong. You will not find many large rebounders like this one on the market today. Even professional level soccer players use Tekk rebounder to sharpen their skills. It is large, but takes only 5-minute to set up. You may be amazed to know that extremely good quality materials are used to make this Tekk rebounder. For example, aircraft grade aluminum has been used. So, it is a great soccer rebounder indeed. Just read the mind-blowing positive reviews about the product on Amazon. Surely, you will love using the 35 pounds rebounder. Grab it as soon as possible.

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2. Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder 6×4 Feet Under $100

Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder Looking for a very cheap soccer rebounder? Then this is the product you have been looking for. Believe it or not, this rebounder is available under 50 dollars: 34.99 dollars. The Franklin adjustable rebounder is one of the most sold rebounders on Amazon with more than 160 reviews. It is cheap but made of high-quality material like steel tube frame. So, it is durable, reliable. One of the best features of the product is that it has contrasting color target area so that you can practice better. Surely, you will love the heavy duty rebounder very much. Franklin has been in the sports industry since 1946, so you can expect top quality from the very popular manufacturer. The Franklin adjustable rebounder weighs 19 pounds.

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3. Champro Cheap Adjustable Soccer Rebounder

good adjustable soccer rebounder

  This cheap adjustable soccer rebounder is a must have for any serious soccer player or trainer. With 4 galvanized ground stakes, you can be assured that the rebounder can withstand ample amount of rain without catching rust. The rebounder can be effectively used for different types of practices owing to its large range of angular adjustments from 45 to 90 degrees. The net is also an all-weather net and it has a central target zone which makes the rebounder also effective for shooting practice use. The rebounder is sturdy and a strong product due to the powder coated steel tubing. This rebounder weighs 18.8 pounds and has a dimension of 6” wide x 4” high. Customer review of 4/5 stars reflect that there is a fair level of user satisfaction accompanied by this product.

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4. Franklin Good Adjustable Soccer Rebounder very good adjustable soccer rebounder This is a sturdy and a reliable soccer rebounder accompanied by 4 stakes for securing the goal to the ground. With the dimensions of 6’W x 4’H, this rebound net can be set at different angles in order to emulate the different ball return options. The spine of this rebounder is a 1.25” steel frame, which makes it a fairly tough product. This rebounder weighing 20 pounds can be used to sharpen the skills of handling, catching, controlling and passing as well. Customers have rated this rebounder a fair 4/5 stars and consider this product as an all-age ideal practice equipment.

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5. Franklin 12×6 Soccer Rebounder Under $100

Franklin 12x6 Soccer Rebounder When it comes to rebounder for soccer, you cannot keep Franklin away from it. This is another good quality product you need to focus on. It is a heavy duty rebounder with galvanized steel. Chances are high that you will like the product. One of the best features of the rebounder is its double sided design. Unlike most rebounders on the market, it features double sided design allowing multiple players practice at a time. This rebounder has a great net.

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6. Goalrilla Rebounder 7×5 Feet

Goalrilla Rebounder    Need a tough soccer rebounder? Then this Goalrilla soccer rebounder could be the best soccer rebounder for you. Very high-quality materials like DuPoint Powder coat, steel, Zinc plated steel, etc. are used to make this product. It is a double sided design rebounder, so you can practice with other players as well. It weighs 71 pounds and is available under 300 dollars. You must think about buying this high-quality product.

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7. Goalrilla Rebounder for Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, and Basketball

 tough soccer rebounder    When it comes to extremely tough, strong soccer rebounder, then you will not find many manufacturers like Goalrilla. The Goalrilla all season trainer is a multi-sport trainer. Whether it is tennis, soccer, lacrosse, or basketball this works very well. It is a wonderful product. Unlike most products, it is made by welded steel construction instead of screws or bolts. Don’t worry; still it is an excellent portable soccer rebounder; you need to use polyethylene wheels. To practice better, you can change angles up to 7 positions. It is a versatile trainer. Not only you, but also other family members can use it as it is a trainer for multiple games like: tennis, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. Go for it.

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8. Kwik Soccer Rebounder Under 500 Dollars Kwik soccer rebounder under 500 dollars

This product from KWIK is a fairly large product for training as it is 7’ High and 14’ wide. This rebounder enables a quick assembly and disassembly offered by the KWIK button assembly. The frame of the rebounder is made from aluminum tubes which are coated with white powder. The frame has a dimension of 1.75”. The net is 4 mm in dimension, black in color and of the type HTPP. Weighing 50 lbs, this product comes with steel ground shoes for sturdiness and a movable target. The rebounder is designed for use on natural surfaces as it has spikes under its ground shoes to facilitate anchoring. Users are satisfied with the quick assembly and disassembly of the product even though the product is not portable due to its significant weight. Users are impressed with its sturdiness and the bungee cords being of high quality. The spikes provided are coated to ensure that they are rust-proof.

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9. Kwik Soccer Rebounder Under 300 Dollars soccer rebounder under 300 dollars 2015

This great product is a smaller ( 66” x 14”) yet excellent version of the earlier soccer rebounder. The frame is made of  strong Aluminum tube. The weight of the goal overall is about 31 lbs. The net provided is HTPP, black in color and has dimension of 3 mm. This product too comes with steel ground shoes. The net is held firm with bungee cord attachments. Users have found this product to be of a decent quality and it is a good deal for young players who tend to put a moderate load on the net while using it.

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10. Soccer Practice Net and Rebounder expensive soccer rebounder This product is designed for multiple sports use suitable for practicing lacrosse, baseball, golf and softball along with soccer. This product comes with a “quick color connect system” which enables a fairly quick assembly requiring only a few minutes. The product is portable as it can be carried in a duffle bag provided with it. This is a product which can be effectively used for both individual as well as team practice. The fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors adds more to its versatility of use. The frame of this rebounder is nicely made of 1.5” tubular Aluminum. The product include Pushbuttons which are made of stainless steel. The polyester net used in the product is heavyweight and can sustain all kinds of load and is trustworthy enough for the product manufacturers to claim that the rebounder is designed to last for years of use. Users especially recommend it as a great tool for practicing kicking technique.

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11. Soccer Rebounder and Juggler Trainers

Soccer Rebounder and Juggler Trainers

Soccer Rebounder and Juggler Trainers

If you need the best soccer juggler trainer to improve your kid’s skills, then you could buy the product. This trainer is unique. We have not seen anything like that before. Unlike other trainers and rebounders, this juggler trainer allows training while staying inside your room! Even a 4 years old kid can use it. Whatever your age or skill level is, the trainer can cope up with it very quickly. Moreover, you will get lots of training tips on YouTube. Unfortunately, I was very shocked to see some negative reviews on Amazon, but still believe it is an excellent product as the overall rating is very good.

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More Rebounders for You

The soccer rebounders stated above are the best rebounders considering their prices, sizes, and quality. If you have a particular size (12×6 feet) or particular group (kids) in your mind, then you need to read further to get your suitable soccer rebounder.

Best 12×6 Soccer Rebounder Reviews

1. The #5 rebounder stated above takes the spot.

2. Franklin 12×6 Rebounder with Waterproof Net

very good 12x6 soccer rebounder review This rebounder is 12’ wide and 6’ high and comes with a double sided rebound design which makes it suitable for use by multiple soccer players at a time. A 1.25” galvanized steel frame with a 6 stake support imparts ample of strength to the rebounder. The net used in this rebounder is a high quality weatherproof net.

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3. Crescendo Good 12×6 Rebounder

good 12x6 soccer rebounder This rebounder comes with an useful 1.5-inch steel powder coated frame. It’s net feature a blue target area for better accuracy in training and has a dimension of 4×4 with Bungee cord attachments. Steel ground stakes are included for better performance–stability.

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4. Trigon Sports Strong 12×6 Rebounder

top quality 12x6 soccer rebounder review Trigon is a popular brand and provides a good quality product in the form of this soccer rebounder. This product is made from Galvanized steel tube frame which makes it durable tough and an all-weather frame. The black color of this rebounder enhances its visibility. The net is also black and features a contrasting orange net as a central target area. The rebounder comes with a complete set of net, bungee cords for attachment and a total of four ground stakes. This strong 12×6 soccer rebounder has proved to be a pretty good product. Many users have considered it to have exceeded their expectations.

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Cheap Soccer Rebounder for Kids

1. 3 in 1 Soccer Trainer Goal:

cheap soccer rebounder for kids This soccer trainer goal has a target sheet that enables target practicing in order to improve accuracy. The frame of the goal is durable due to a steel frame which is coated with white powder. This 3-in-1 product has a highly visible target trainer which can be used to sharpen the accuracy skills. The product comes with a net that is made from polyester and facilitates easy assembly. Accompanied by this there is a bungee cord rebounding mechanism in it. As per the users, one of the most notable features of this product is its easy assembly and a firm rebounder. It is highly recommended for use by young players. The goal is lightweight and decently sturdy given the fact that it comes with ground stakes. Also flexibility of the product is improvised by easy adjustment provided by easy locking clamps.

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2. Portable Soccer Training Rebounder and Goal

good soccer rebounder for kids This product is well-known for its versatility as it can provide the players to sharpen several of their soccer skills. It can transform itself to benefit 8 different types of training modes. It comes with a revolutionary Back Passer bar which emphasizes the players to focus on perfect passing. The product’s size makes it a perfect goal for small sided games as well. The frame of this product is composed of white powder-coated steel which are 1.5” long. The net used by this product is a weather proof brand and can be used in all seasons. The nets are spring loaded and thus are capable of deliver a highly effective and lasting rebounder performance. This product comes along with a host of bonus features including a soccer training DVD, soccer training program and a free access to the training zone. Several users have found this product an exceptionally great one as it helped develop the traits of their players/kids significantly within a short span of time.

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Best Soccer Rebounder Replacement Net

KWIK Soccer Rebounder Replacement Net

soccer rebounder replacement net

As a replacement net, KWIK goal makes available to you a durable 4mm black colored net. This net weighs 2lbs and is ideal for several different training purposes. The dimensions per unit are 7.5H x 13W x 0D x 0H which makes it more than sufficient to be used for any kind of training. Customer reviews clearly state that this product is an excellent value-for-money product. It is tough, durable, reliable and undoubtedly the best net one can find at the price mentioned. The rating of 5/5 stars makes this product an ideal cost-effective net replacement for any serious soccer trainer who already owns a frame of KWIK goal.

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BSN Sports 7’ x 21’ Soccer Replacement Net

good soccer rebounder replacement net

This replacement net is suited specifically for the BSN Sports 7’ x 21’ frame and comes with the exact dimensions as of the frame. Comprising of the 4” mesh, this net can be used for different purposes like shooting practice, ball control practice and also for splitting one field into two. The net is 3mm thick and is of the polyethylene material. This makes the net fairly water-resistant and thus increases the life of the net overall. There are no customer feedbacks upon this product. The product is a slightly limited one considering the fact that it is unusable without its frame.

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Sport Supply Group Soccer Replacement Net

Large soccer rebounder replacement net

Coming with the dimensions of 7’ H x 21’ W this net is suited especially for the sport supply group goal frame. This net can attach itself to the frame though a hook-and-loop which can be wrapped around the pole. This hooking can be adjusted to vary the tightness of the net as per the need. All these features make the net highly versatile as it can be used for rebound or for shooting or for finishing or splitting the field into two. The assembly is through a spring button and it eliminates the use of tools. The net weighs a total of 4 pounds and comes without the goal frame.

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EZGoal-6-in-1 Soccer Replacement Rebounder Net

big soccer rebounder replacement net

This product consists of a heavy-duty polypropylene UV rebounder net. This makes the net highly resistant to all the damaging elements like water or intense heat and ensures a long product life. Though the bungees have not been included they can be bought separately. What makes this product really special is the fact that the target area on the net is movable. This can expose the players to different scenarios and challenges while practicing the art of shooting. This product has a shipping weight of 4 pounds. At the moment there is not sufficient customer feedback on this product, but the quality promised is a fair deal given the price.

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